EcoMobility World Festival and Congress

EcoMobility World Festival

What is the EcoMobility World Festival?

The EcoMobility World Festival (EMWF) concept was initiated by ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability.

The EMWF is a month-long presentation of an innovative and forward thinking urban transportation culture. It is organized as a community-based mise-en-scène, during which one neighbourhood is temporarily converted into an “ecomobile neighbourhood” to present a real-life vision of car-free urban living for the future. The neighborhood will turn car-free and its community will experience an ecomobile environment and lifestyle for one month, a once-in-a life time opportunity to explore choices by living through a different scenario. The project is framed as a Festival so that it is perceived as fun for all people involved.

EcoMobility World Congress

What is the EcoMobility World Congress?

ICLEI’s EcoMobility World Congress series was launched in October 2011, Changwon, Republic of Korea, to establish a global forum on sustainable mobility for local governments and their partners. It is an integral element to the EcoMobility World Festival to attract international experts to the Festival for them to witness the unique experiment and to discuss and share their experiences and opinions on car-free development.


EcoMobility World Congress 2017

2-4 October, 2017, Kaohsiung

The Congress 2017 brought the sustainable urban mobility debate to the global level, coupled with local context of implementation. A series of sessions in the form of plenary discussions, presentations, debates, workshops, and KED-Talks (Kaohsiung EcoMobility Dialogues) were planned to address our Congress themes: livable, shared, and intelligent.

EcoMobility Dialogues 2015

5-9 October 2015, Johannesburg, South Africa

The EcoMobility Dialogues explored ways to reduce the dominance of private automobiles in cities and to build an urban transport system that meets the needs of residents while minimizing energy consumption, emissions, material use and space requirements. The topics of the three dialogues were:

  • Reshaping cities for EcoMobility: Strategies and tactics
  • Achieving and enabling EcoMobility: New and shared forms of mobility
  • Making the commuting decisions safe, sustainable and popular

The EcoMobility Congress 2013

1-4 September, Suwon, South Korea

The Congress highlighted the importance of EcoMobility from a range of perspectives, including local leadership, social inclusion, health, future generations, and practical applications. The Congress underscored EcoMobility as an active concept – something to be applied and developed and shared. The Congress emphasized the integration, development, and promotion of active modes such as walking, cycling, wheeling, public transport and shared transport systems.

World Congress on Mobility for the Future of Sustainable Cities

22-24 October 2011, Changwon, South Korea

The EcoMobility Changwon 2011 congress on Mobility for the Future of Sustainable Cities, organized by Changwon City and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, brought together over 300 participants from all over the world to talk about sustainable transport solutions for cities. Changwon, also known as the environmental capital of the Republic of Korea, is taking the lead, for example, through its innovative Changwon NUBIJA bicycle sharing system.

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