About EcoMobility

EcoMobility gives priority to walking, cycling, public transport, shared and light electric vehicles. It promotes travel through integrated, socially inclusive, and environmentally-friendly transport options without depending on privately owned vehicles.

About EcoMobility Alliance

The EcoMobility Alliance is a network of ambitious cities committed to building a sustainable transport future ensuring low-carbon, environmentally friendly people-centered and socially inclusive mobility options.

The EcoMobility Alliance was founded in 2012 with 6 cities and has grown to 23 cities from various regions of the world. These cities and those to join show significant efforts to advance and implement low carbon urban mobility. Through the EcoMobility Alliance, ICLEI brings together cities committed to advancing urban mobility to conceptualize, design and implement people and climate friendly urban mobility options that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

EcoMobility Alliance Cities

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Featured Publications

EcoMobility Alliance Report 2018 (Chinese)
ICLEI case study: Municipality of Rosario, Argentina: Moving forward: a successful reform of public and non-motorized transportation, 2019
ICLEI case study: Mexico City, Mexico: The role of public transport in tackling air pollution and accessibility, 2019
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EcoMobility Initiatives & Projects

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EcoMobility Alliance

Cities support cities to advance ecomobility


EcoMobility World Festival and Congress

One neighbourhood, one month, no cars


EcoMobility Days

Discuss and explore innovation in urban mobility


EcoMobility SHIFT

Measure, Implement, Evaluate


Cities SHIFT

Capacity building and networking for sustainable urban mobility



Low carbon freight for sustainable cities


TUMI Network of High Ambition Leaders

Transforming mobility